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Already receiving acclaim from parents, teachers, and children of all ages, Toys Overboard! launches readers into the adventures of Pedro and his new friends after they accidentally fall overboard together. Facing new challenges in a strange land, the toys--each native to a different part of the world--learn about themselves and each other along the way. How will the toys get back to the ship? Why not add this cleverly written book to your kids’ collection and find out?

More than just a toy story, Toys Overboard! is a beautifully illustrated, engaging adventure for beginning and intermediate readers. The rhyming text is excellent for reading aloud – just for fun, for homeschoolers or in the classroom. The colorful, vivid illustrations will keep every child interested. Get your copy online now from your favorite source for children’s books and literature.

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Overboard ToysToys Overboard!
Coloring & Activity Book

This free companion Toys Overboard! Coloring & Activity Book is perfect for after school enrichment, summer vacation, or for use in a classroom. This book is filled with fun, educational activities in vocabulary, grammar, spelling, geography, art and more!

It is available as a free download (.pdf) right here, or you can order pre-printed, stapled copies directly from the author by filling out the contact form under "The Author" above.

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